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Re: How much should I pay for a used O/D Trans?

Subject: Re: How much should I pay for a used O/D Trans?
From: "Richard A. Boris" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 17:15:46 +0100
Hi Bob:
The early MGB had three basic gearbox configurations:

1. 3 Main has smaller diameter 1st motion shaft, and brass 2nd gear
2. 5 main has larger diameter 1st motion shaft, and the brass 2nd gear
synchro was replaced approx engine # 18GB-UH-30,000. A steel synchro
with a new 2nd gear with a moly coat on the cone.
3. 5 main with revised laygear(22H931 or 22H1301) with larger diameter
layshaft and the incorporation of 4 caged needle bearings instead of the
original 3 bearig set.Incorporated in the late 1967 effective approx
engine #'s 18GB-UH-74,720 on non O/D gearbox. This is a very effective
improvement to the basic geabox, and extends the life significantly. The
gearbox case requires reaming to accomodate the larger layshaft. This
configuration will also help the MGA gearboxes.

There were very few changes to the "D" type O/D unit during the early
MGB production.

                                                        Happy Holidays:

                                                        Rich Boris, 67B roadster

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