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A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wish to all !!!

Subject: A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wish to all !!!
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 18:53:40 EST
Holiday Greetings from the
Waters of Long Island Sound, 
To The MG Community Online:

            I want to wish A Very Happy Holiday Season to one and all !  May 
the following Year and New Century be good and safe to us all. On the road 
and off. I look forward to meeting more fellow listers (as well as 
non-listers) in the future as I do looking at their cars for the first time. 
            I have met so many good people since I have owned my Mg's, Some 
those very people are list members. I Special Holiday wish to David D, Mike 
R, and all the Long Island Crowd. If anyone on Long Island can do it, Wish a 
Happy Holidays to the Blackwells too for me !!!  This list has made my MG 
life so much fuller than it would have been otherwise. I know I am not a big 
poster on the list, but I read it on a regular basis. 
            As some of you who know me know, I have relocated to Florida so I 
might never have to lay my MG's up for another winter again. My MGB V8 has 
become my Y2K compliant vehicle and my everyday car too. 
            To those of you in Florida and the Southeast, I look forward to 
see all of you at any show I may find myself at.
Jim Brucato ,,,,,,,Going to "MG2000" in Cleveland next year
1980 MGB V8,,,,,Dodging Retirees and the crazy drivers on 
                    I-95 In Fla, and enjoying the warm 
                    South Florida Sun. Diving Top Down almost every             
        day !!!!
1964 MGB  ,,,,,,,, Warming its rust, in a nice garage, and the                  
Florida Sun, never to be cold again. Soon to be                     driving 
the Florida Blacktop.

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