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Re: Oil Filter Adapter

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Subject: Re: Oil Filter Adapter
From: "Steve Schultz" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 17:43:49 -0500
Hay Gregg,

I spent two weeks of evenings trying to get the same unit to work in my 1960
I didn't have any problem with the pipe. My problem was that no mater what
I did to torque the fitting in place against the block it would leak. I will
bet I tried
no less then eight times. Great fun cleaning the garage floor.

My problem turned out to be the gasket between the block and the adapter.
Moss gasket is the wrong size to fit in the channel in the block. I ordered
three different
times and all were not correct. As a result the gasket can "roll" as the
unit is tightened.
Unfortunately it took me much too long to identify what was wrong. I finally
applied a
very small amount of adhesive to the gasket before installing it in the
block gasket
channel. This was sufficient to hold it securely in place long enough for
the adapter to
be secured in position.

I am glade I made the conversion but I would try a different supplier next

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Subject: Oil Filter Adapter

> All you MGers,
>   I ordered and tried unsuccessfully to install Moss part #235-940 (pg
> A40) on my 1500 MGA engine.  Has anyone else run into trouble putting
> the spin-on oil filter adapter on the 1500 engine?  My engine is
> an early one (BP15GB 1444) so maybe that's the problem.  The pipe
> assembly from block to adapter isn't even close to fitting with the
> adapter installed.
> Thanks for the help,
> Merry Christmas,
> Gregg Baker

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