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Subject: RE: Paint Colors
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Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 03:15:33 -0000

That orange yellow colour is either Sandglow (BLVC63) ~Feb '76 to Aug '77
or Bracken (BLVC93)  Until Feb '76.
Bronze yellow went out with the conversion to rubber bumpers in 1974/75.

In my view the car should be the same colour under the trunk / hood as the
exterior. I think that you will lose value if you change colour and don't do
these areas. 

In the end it is up you you though. 

Chris Nevard
71 MG Midget
78 MGBGT   

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Subject: Paint Colors

New guy on the block here.  Does anyone have a source for me to send in
for original color chips for a '76 MGB?  I'm considering a new paint job
and want to make sure I hit the specs for what I have (that great
orange/yellow color).  What are all your thoughts if I go a different
color and not due under the hood or trunk?  Cheap?  Ruin value?


Dave  Ciaccio
Omaha, NE
'76 MGB

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