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Cool sighting

Subject: Cool sighting
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 18:04:25 -0800
I was driving home from lunch in Boulder Creek (small town in the
Santa Cruz Mountains) the other day and saw what I thought was 
an MGPA in a restaurant parking lot.  I was wrong, it was a '32 J2,
in wonderful shape.  We ended up chatting with the owner (who I told
about this list) for a while.  When I introduced myself he said:
"Aren't you the one that wrote the book?  Crazy Larry from down the
street?" and he knew where I lived and what I drove. Granted, once he
mentioned his name (Paul) I remembered having met him a few years before.

LBC owners are a small community.  Then again I can think of at least
3 other LBC owners on my street within half a mile south of me.

That J2 was sure cute though.


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