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Need help with 75 Midget

To: MG Mailing List <>,
Subject: Need help with 75 Midget
From: Tyson Sherman <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 18:23:23 -0600
A local banker contacted me earlier this week
because he repossesed a 1975 Midget.  I took some
pictures hoping the members of the lists can help
me give him a value.  I don't know much about
Midget prices.  The car is located in Ruleville,
MS.  It runs but needs a tune-up (has no power).
Oil pressure is 40-60psi warm at speed, 15psi warm
at idle.  around 30psi cold idle.  Tach and
blinker switches don't work; everything else
does.  Seemingly 88000 miles; Weber conversion.

Pics are at

I'd appreciate it if anyone could e-mail me with

Tyson Sherman
76 MGB
ICQ# 10494960

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