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Re: the ideal mga 1500 engine include...

Subject: Re: the ideal mga 1500 engine include...
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 00:36:33 EST

Just as a FYI I have the ignitor in all three of my MG's.  I love it!  I find 
cars run better, starts better, and the timing should never change unless you 
change it or the dizzy moves;)  Also if your dizzy has a slight wobble the 
Hall effect does not notice it as a points set up would.  There are also 
other benefits to it as well.  I have had one in my A for 4 years, B, 3 years 
and Maggie only a month ;)  BTW I stock them and most likely they are going 
up in price on 1/5 slightly..

As far as the shroud, from what I have seen the plastic one that Moss (or 
LBCarCo and others carry)  tends to fit better and is more compact.  Just 
keep in mind the shroud will pretty much only give you some benefit in heavy 
traffic or when stopped.  I had one on my old MGA and when I sat at a light 
or in traffic my temp went down about 10 degrees with the shroud in place.  
It was funny watching the gauge drop.  My new MGA has the shroud, but the car 
runs cool enough anyway.

Best regards and Happy New Year.

Jeff Zorn
Little British Car Co., Ltd.
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<< Subj:     the ideal mga 1500 engine include...
 Date:  12/30/99 9:03:15 AM Eastern Standard Time
 Happy New Year all,
 After two years of owning a 1500 mga project car it is now time to start 
 the engine.  Can the list share with me what new parts, accesories, 
 modifications  i should consider during this process? I mean ischanging to 
 the ignitor electronic ignition worth it?  does the fan shroud from medina 
 motorsports work?  What parts improve and which parts don't.
 Also,  Has anyone seen a diagram of the MG family tree that includes the 
  all that I find go no further than the mga.
 Steve Petrosky
 cincinnati, ohio
 58a. 78b

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