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Finally! - MG To Re-enter North American Market

Subject: Finally! - MG To Re-enter North American Market
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 19:49:51 -0500
Hot off the news wire today:

BAD NUS (GER) (APRIL 1) - Auto industry experts were stunned today by the
surprise announcement of the long awaited re-entry of MG to the North
American Market In a joint press release, officials of BMW, Rover and
Harley-Davidson confirmed that the new MG would be a joint venture between
the three firms. The new car will be built on a Z3 platform with a Rover
Heritage bodyshell and will be powered by the famous Harley-Davidson
883cc V-Twin engine used with their XLCH model.

The new car will be badged as the B-LCH said Rolf Von Schweinhundt,
Director of North American Marketing for BMW, and will draw on Harleys
tremendous popularity among upscale buyers. 

Company officials confirmed that the new B-LCH would include certain
well-known Harley features such as a kick starter, fringed upholstery and
straight through exhaust. Optional equipment will include handlebar
steering, purple tail lights, and a free tattoo for each driver. The new
B-LCH will be distributed through the Rover dealership network which has
clearly demonstrated its ability to sell anything added Von Schweinhundt.

All firms declined comment on the future of their current models but did
state that B-LCH production was scheduled to begin next year at a new
facility in Cloaca Corners, SC, where local residents are proud to know
that Made in Cloaca will soon become a household expression.

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