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Subject: RE: Moss Budget Carpet set for 67BGT x-mac-creator="4D4F5353"
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 04:40:59 -0400
Hi Carl & all,

I have finished my BGT interior about a year ago.
I had I think a De Luxe carpet kit, as it included carpeting for the inner
doorsteps. Normally the BGT of '71 has a kind of rubber mat there - see
Clausager - , but the kit was delivered with the car and the rubber stuff
was gone in the footwell.

Fitting the kit was not easy - a BGT has many rounded forms, whereover the
carpet has to be applied to. Carpeting the rear wheelarches was a kind of
difficult, because the carpet had no rounded preform i.e. I had to cut
exactly some carpet piece off in order to prevent having some carpet parts
glued over eachother.

Secondly the 3M spraycan glue recommended by several listers was not sticky
enough. Especially on the wheelarches and the gearbox tunnel the glue "let
go" the carpet too easily. So I went to a local hobby shop, to get me kind
of real carpet glue in a tin can, which I had the spread out first. This
went well.

Most difficult part was to get the gearbox tunnel carpeted without wrinkles.
Be patient and carefull.
Also this carpet piece was not supplied with a hole for the gearleaver. I
had to cut this by myself. How? This was a trick. I layed down the new
carpet facing downwards.
On top of this I layed the old carpet. Where in the old carpet the hole was
present, I made the edges of the hole visible on the back of the new carpet
with the white stuff which is used at the office to blank out typos. This
stuff is white and the back of my carpet is black kind of rubber....
When looking to my interior, it realy is very nice to look at...



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Can these replies be put out on the list as I am considering up grading to 
the deluxe as opposed to the standard I have now in a box.

t 12:02 PM 3/30/01 -0800, dave houser wrote:
>Anyone care to give me feedback on this kit? Fitment, quality, looks,
>completeness. Yes, it's a budget thing, if it meets the bar.

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