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Another MG joins the family!

To: mgs <>
Subject: Another MG joins the family!
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 08:35:05 -0700
Anyone remember the "What's it worth?" email a few weeks ago?  A fellow
who had done pretty much everything to restore a 1970 GT didn't really
want it, and was trying to determine a fair price for listing on eBay.

Well, it was worth $5500 to my daughter!  

This car was beautifully restored by a "motorhead" Range Rover and LBC
enthusiast for his wife, who decided she preferred a more modern car. 
Her loss is our gain.  The term DPO will never apply in this case, we
were lucky to find this car and meet its owner, who meticulously
restored her.

I'm doing my part to make the next generation MG enthusiasts!

Stuart MacMillan

'84 Vanagon Westfalia w/2.1
'65 MGB (Daily driver since 1969)
'74 MGB GT (Restoring sloooowly)

Personal mechanic for:
'70 MGB GT (Daughter's)

Assisting on Restoration (and spending OPM):
'72 MGB GT (Was daughter's, now son's)
'64 MGB (Son's)

Stripped and gone but their parts live on:
'68 MGB, '73 MGB, '67 MGB GT

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