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MGA glovebox

To: mgs <>
Subject: MGA glovebox
From: R C Engelhardt <>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 11:32:25 -0700
Suspended under the center of the dash, above the transmission hump, I
have a well made leatherette covered wooden box with a spring hinge door
(approx. 10x5x5). Over the years, I've never seen another MGA with one
so I figured a previous owner had fabricated it. Recently, the sunlight
caught it just right and I noticed that the leatherette on the door is
embossed with an MG octagon symbol. Now I'm wondering if it is a factory
or dealer installed item. Does anybody else have one? It's extremely
handy and I can't imagine doing without it. On a side note, it's great
to be back on the list again after having languished on the digest for a
while due to ISP meltdown.

58 MGA
Santa Rosa, Ca.

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