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Overdrive Harness Question

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Subject: Overdrive Harness Question
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 22:49:01 -0700
On my 78B I have a LH Laycock black label overdrive  22/61972/   073579
It has one black wire coming from the driver side of the O/D up into the
driver compartment to a switch on the dash.  Another blue wire goes from
the switch on the dash to a fuse on the left side of the steering column
on the fire wall with 3 other post connections.  My new wire harness
that runs down the gear shift shaft has one brown and one blue wire.
Which do I connect to the black(the brown?) and Blue to (Blue)?  Do I
run the blue wire under the carpet to the one fuse on the fire wall or
is there some place else I should go? The Haynes book shows a Y (yellow)
wire from the  Transmission control spark advance micro-switch and a Y
from the O/D gear/TCSA switch joining and connecting to a manual switch(
I assume this is the switch on the gear shift knob) and then a YP
(yellow purple) connecting to O/D solenoid from that manual switch.  Any

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