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Re. Aerodynamics

Subject: Re. Aerodynamics
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 10:56:40 EDT
In a message dated 4/8/01 9:20:57 AM Central Daylight Time,

> When I run my my '69 B roadster at 60+ mph with the top up, the
> ceiling fabric rises above the top bows. 

It's called lift.  It works the same way that a wing causes a plane to lift
off the ground or the sail of a sailboat causes the boat to move forward.
The problem is that with the car lift is undesireable.
Now for tha aerodynamics; the hardtop is better than the soft top because it
is smoother causing less turbulent air.  The GT is probably pretty similar
there but the GT will have less lift than the roadster due to its shape aft
of the windshield.  This would present some advantage in handeling but I
don't know how the suspension differs actively that might offset this.


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