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Re: MGB (and TD) aerodynamics

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Subject: Re: MGB (and TD) aerodynamics
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 15:20:05 -0700
I totally believe that paper towel story. The cockpit of a roadster (or at
least of roadsters dating before computer simulation of aerodynamics)
creates immense turbulence at speed. One's hair, for example, blows straight
forward, rather than back (as cartoonists would have it). It seems to be the
air rushing in to fill the low pressure zone behind the windscreen. I have
to adjust my cap so tight it leaves a red line on my forehead to keep it
from blowing off at 70mph (I have to wear the cap to keep my hair from
lashing my eyes out... I could get a haircut, I suppose, but what's the fun
in that?).

on 4/8/01 10:30 AM, Bob D. at wrote:

> The aerodynamics of roadsters is strange. I'm sure others have noticed the
> following phenomena: If you try to throw out a drink, the liquid will come
> right back in your face. If you're on your way to the post office your mail
> will blow out of the car without coming back at you. If you leave your
> sunglasses on the trunk lid, they will fly forward and hit your wife in the
> back of the head. She will not believe the wind did it. Once I had a roll of
> paper towels stowed in the back of my TD. Suddenly in the middle of my trip
> this paper snake crawls over my shoulder and starts weaving and dancing in
> front of my face. It got bigger and bigger, obscuring my view of the road. I
> grabbed at the snake trying in vain to throw it out of the car, but the
> snake refused to leave. I was forced to stop the car in order to deal with
> the entirely unraveled roll of paper towels. There must be some kind of
> whirlpool effect behind the windshield. I am not exaggerating when I say
> this was a real hazard that absolutely forced me to stop the car in the
> middle of the highway.
> Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
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Max Heim
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