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Head swap tonight + L.Porter book bought

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Subject: Head swap tonight + L.Porter book bought
From: scott beavis <>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:02:39 +0100
This morning I received the Lindsay Porter Restoration Manual which I
ordered from Amazon. Looks good (only just started reading it!).

Tonight I plan to do the head swap on our MG (1978 BGT). I have refitted the
valves and everything looks lovely and shiny. Does anyone know what colour
the head/block is supposed to be for an 1800 B series? The block/head was
black (no, black *paint*! not just grime!), but does show hints that there
was once red paint underneath (why someone would paint a nice red engine
black I don't know!). I want to restore it back to nice gloss red engine
laquer, and have already given the (chemically dipped) head two coats. I
will try to splodge some paint here and there on the block when I have got
the head off. The engine will be coming out within the next year anyway, so
I'll do a proper block strip and re-paint then. I will also try to spray
some red VHT onto the exhaust manifold. It looks a rusty mess at the moment.

I'll let you all know how the new head goes.


PS: I'll be going to the Stoneleigh (UK) show on April 15th for MG and mini
parts (it appears to be a big show for lots of different makes of classic).
Not sure yet which car to take (MG probably, more boot space). Maybe see
some of you there. My reg letters are "KFC" pageant blue.
and if you are interested in
my other motor
and this is what I *should* be working on instead of fiddling with
greasy car parts in the garage!! Us men know our priorities!! :-)

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