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Help - oil leaking onto exhaust manifold !

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Subject: Help - oil leaking onto exhaust manifold !
From: "Louis Mehr (EML)" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 09:04:25 +0200
Hi All,

1/ I finally got my Sprite started for the first time on last Sunday and it 
seemed to run pretty well.
Last night I ran it again and discovered that all was not well.
I ran the car for a while (fair amount of smoke, some of it blue).
I noticed fumes coming from somewhere around the engine bay and there was 
sizzling black oil on the exhaust manifold.
Any ideas where this oil leak could have come from?  Cylinder head gasket?

2/ I filled the cooling system with water but the radiator did not heat up.  
How long should it take for the thermostat to open ?  

Louis Mehr
England, UK
1971 AH Sprite with 1098cc engine

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