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Subject: Re: Useful Information
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 13:49:09 EDT
Here's one to write in your parts interchange book (everyone has one of 
these, right?).

I broke the tang off the front hub washer that goes immediately under the nut 
on the front hub of the Islero. It uses double race ball bearings rather than 
taper rollers. 
I took the defunct bit around to various local car dealers to see if I could 
find a close match.

That in itself was an exercise in humility.
"What's it fit?"
"That wouldn't help you, believe me!"
"Tell us anyway."
"OK, it's off a Lamborghini."

Anyway, the American ones still carried are either too large and not easily 

The the light dawned on me (I can be forgiven as all my MGAs are either 
Twincam or Deluxe, with taper roller bearing hubs) - 'regular' MGAs use ball 

A quick root around the bolt-bin (everyone has at least one of these, where 
they toss bits that they don't need now but might in the future, right? Come 
to think of it, my whole garage is just one big bolt-bin) produced a pushrod 
style MGA washer, and a quick stroke or two with a rat-tail file and it fit 

So if you ever need one for your MGA and Moss is closed, and you happen to be 
passing a Lamborghini dealership...........

Ciao baby!

Bill S.

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