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Re: + vs. - ground

To: frank krajewski <>, MG List <>
Subject: Re: + vs. - ground
From: David Councill <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:52:17 -0600
I'm not sure if there is an easy way if the tach has not been labeled by 
whoever converted it. Perhaps the "white wire loop" is an indicator. See 
Moss catalog 14, page 143, on converting the tach to negative ground. 
Latest catalog is MGB-15, just out but not yet available at their web site, 
so I don't have that catalog available (it is at home).

On a related note, I just got a converted tach off of Ebay but it is 
missing this white wire loop. All I have is a post. Is there anywhere that 
I can get this piece or do I need to tell the Ebay seller that he sold me junk?

My son's 65B is now successfully converted to negative ground with an 
operational tach. I'm still pondering a conversion on my 67BGT.


At 12:31 PM 4/26/2001 -0400, frank krajewski wrote:
>I am doing my annual spring cleaning and finally sorting thru the parts
>I bought at Carlisle last year and the year before. Just in time to
>amass even more this year. My question: How do you determine the
>polarity of a tach? I have many and some are from earlier MGBs that are
>positive ground while the later (1968 +) are negative.  The tachs from
>the 3 main bearing MGBs (1962 - 1964) are simple as they are mechanical.
>I want to tag them, which I should have done a year ago when I first
>arrived home and the data was fresh in my mind.
>Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski

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