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Subject: Re: more trouble
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 14:10:49 -0700
Oh boy. It sounds to me like you need to hook up with someone that knows
what they're doing. No offense meant, but it seems like the DPO (Dumb
Previous Owner) really made a mess of things, and unless you have a good
grasp of how they are supposed to work, you could be in for a lot of

First question: do you have a service manual for the Midget? If not, get one
NOW! You need it (whether you realize it or not). For example, I believe a
79 Midget is SUPPOSED to have an electric cooling fan. If so, it is not only
pointless trying to attach this other fan, the attempt is doomed to failure.
You need to find out what is correct before monkeying around blindly.

As for the electrical problem with the lights, you have practically no hope
of figuring it out without the wiring diagram in the manual, unless you are
one of those instinctive electric geniuses (pardon me for assuming you are

So, here's a game plan:
1. get a manual and study it
2. try to hook up with a local MG or British car club, or a fellow owner
3. find your local British car garage. If you let us know what area you're
in, I'm sure someone will have a recommendation.

Good luck. As you gain experience, all this will start to make a lot more

on 4/27/01 12:26 PM, carter's alltel at wrote:

> Well here I go again!  As some may recall I asked for help last week with my
> alternator.  Long story short.  Alternator fried, and battery had a bad cell.
> I have both new.  When I bought my 79' midget last year it overheated a couple
> of times.  I must remind you that I'm not very mechanical and I'm learning as
> I go.  I found the original fan that goes on the water pump in the trunk and
> the PO had added a little electric fan in front of the radiator.  Since I was
> putting in a new alternator, I decided it would be a good time to put that fan
> back on as well.  Too easy.  There is a metal bushing or ring that goes around
> the water pump and then the fan slides on.  No problem.  But what keeps the
> fan from sliding right back off and into my radiator?  Problem one..Now back
> to my electrical problems.  new alternator in new battery as well.  Ready to
> go.  As you may re-call, my head lights before would not go out.  if the
> battery was hooked up the lights were on as well as the red indicator light on
> the dash and my right turn signal.  I hooked up the battery and I'm in luck no
> head lights, no lights on my dash.  I'm getting cocky thinking this isn't so
> hard.  My first time and it is working great.  I start the car.  Should I
> continue????  Well the fan started grinding against the radiator, So I turned
> the car off.  How many of you out there guessed that my head lights and lights
> on the dash are now back on with the car off?  If you did you are right.  I
> was told to check the solenoid last time.  I did this and I don't see any heat
> damage except there is a white wire with a green stripe not connected.  It
> looks like the connector has broken or burned off?  Is this a clue?  For info
> I have taken the switch out of the dash for the lights, incase it was the
> switch causing them to stay on but with it unplugged the lights are still on.
> I'm stuck if anyone may have an Idea to help me with my problems or maybe just
> one I'd be very thankful..
> Carter


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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