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starter solenoid

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: starter solenoid
From: "DenverD" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 16:43:08 +0200
i'm a new guy..
a real new guy..
i bought a 65 MGB roadster for my wife (long story)..

got it here Wednesday..

its a devil to start (prolly cause i can't the books on how to, 
yet..i just order some yesterday)..

anyway, part of the problem is that it sounds like the solenoid is 
about shot..

i haven't been under the car yet to peek and so am asking if a worn 
out solenoid means i should do a complete starter rebuild OR (like 
i did on my old 55 chevy) just buy another solenoid and pop it in?

next question: i live in Denmark, i suppose the best source for 
parts is somewhere in the UK, anyone here brave enough to recommend 
a some web accessible MG parts folks there?

last question: (i've been here just long enough to read the posts 
for a few days, and was interested to hear about all the various 
combo's of engins, carbs, compression ratios, distributors, etc)-- 

this is all i know, for now:

car number: GHN3L/33680
engine #:19V581-H193
engine head part number: 565394
originally sold and licensed in Copenhagen Denmark on 16 June 65

it has two carbs of some kind, "Cooper" is written on air cleaner 
housings and there are little black plastic knobs on the top of 
each carb, the knobs are marked "AUC S114"..

so, the question is: what kind of engine, carbs do you think i 
bought...AND, is this the original engine for this car?


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