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Re: Wiring Assistance

To: Brian Swearingen <>
Subject: Re: Wiring Assistance
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:18:21 -0400
Hi Brian,

   It would appear that your wife's 77B is not yet at the running stage.  You're
right about the "... something important to hook up to...", the 
wires go to the starter relay (Haynes Fig. 10.34, Item #71).  It should be
mounted on the fenderwall just about where the wires are.  The W/WU would go to
the ballast resistor, Item #61.  The three wires in the connector (WB/W/WU) are
shown plugging into the distributor (Item #50).

     If you are using something other than the stock ignition system, you may 
need any of these wires except for the ones that go to the missing starter
relay.  BTW, G /GO are the right colors for the break pressure failure switch
(Item #5).

Good luck,

Bud Krueger

Brian Swearingen wrote:

> Well, my wife is getting impatient and I'm close to finishing the
> wiring harness replacement.  However, I'm stuck on a few items...mainly
> "extra" wires that the original butchered harness didn't have or had
> been removed.  I'd prefer to wire it once and correctly versus another
> hack job like the PO had done.
> Since the best way to get answers is with a photo, I've created a
> simple website showing a photo of the underhood (bonnet) wiring with
> text to describe my questions.  I would GREATLY appreciate any and all
> responses to my questions.
> Thanks in advance!
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