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Electrical problem (1975 MGB)

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Subject: Electrical problem (1975 MGB)
From: "Mark Dawson" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 19:55:23 -0400
Ok, I tried to get the reverse lights to work, and in the process managed to
stop everything else from working...

...unless I turn on the headlights. If I switch on the headlights, then the
tach, fuel gauge, temp, etc. work fine.

All I was doing was cleaning contacts, pushing bullets together, cleaning
grounds, all like a good little MG owner. I've even tried making heads or
tails or any other body part out of the schematics, to no avail.

Seems like a very simple problem - anyone have a simple answer? Yes, the
damn ground in the license plate bracket is clean.  :-)

- Topless Smurf ('75 MGB):
Mark Dawson
The Roundtown Cafi
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        234 N. Court St., Circleville, Ohio, 43113

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