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Re: Splitting Calipers

To: Lawrie Alexander <>,
Subject: Re: Splitting Calipers
From: carl guderian <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 08:32:48 -0600
I believe the concern  about the potential problems of splitting calipers is
Has anyone out there experienced or heard of anyone experiencing broken caliper
I doubt it.  They are certainly under no more stress then head bolts, rod bolts,
or main bearing
bolts and these are seldom replaced unless the threads are damaged.  So if the
caliper bolts appear
to be in good shape then I see no problem in reusing them.  I have done this on
numerous occasions
when rebuilding calipers and have never experienced a problem.

As far as the seals are concerned, if they are in good shape then I don't see 
point in replacing
them either.  After all their only function is to prevent leaks between the two
machined surfaces.
And let's suppose for a moment they did leak.  It couldn't be a massive failure,
as to the fluid
coming out in large amounts but rather just a slow leak of which one would have
plenty of advance
notice to correct.

No, I believe the main reason the factory manual says don't split the calipers 
a simple case of

Carl G

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