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205/60R15 - it is a worry!

Subject: 205/60R15 - it is a worry!
From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 19:04:51 +0000
Wish me luck, guys.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained I say....

I am going ahead with the seemingly insane experiment of running with
205/60R15 Potenza RE540S tyres (yes, not 205/50) at the next sprint
meeting this weekend., in their "Stick Like Gum" series of tyre reviews said
the following about these tyres:

"The Potenza RE520S is Bridgestone's offering - which has only recently
started being replaced by the similar (but much improved) RE540S.
However, 520Ss have proven themselves on Australian club racing cars and
have received a lot of praise. Both the 520 and 540 are directional
tyres with a standard tread  depth of 5.2mm and an extra-stiffened
sidewall. This sidewall is rumoured to be amongst the firmest in this
category of tyre. The 60 series tyres are all H rated."

For those who are *really* into this stuff, check out the tread pattern
- mine is on the right of this image (reconstruct the link if it wraps
in your mail):

I drove them home tonight to try to get a feel for them and I felt like
I was sitting an extra foot in the air (rather than the extra inch or so
that they really lift me). I can feel this experiment ending in grief,
but as I said at the opening of this mail... nothing ventured, nothing

Now, how far out and in which direction (my brain hurts at the moment -
someone please think for me) will my speedo be out? 15 inch rims!

Adelaide, South Australia

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