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Re: Fender Bead

To: Ken Waringa <>
Subject: Re: Fender Bead
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 11:16:27 -0700
Hmm, I see the potential here for you to become a DPO if you ever sell
this car!

JB Weld may work fine, but keep it bare metal and fill the entire area
between the bead and the fender with JB.  Alternatively, clamp the two
together and lead fill the top of the joint. The lead will bond and seal
it, then spray rust preventive paint from underneath for maximum rust

The correct way is to weld it and fill the gaps with non-hardening,
paintable auto body seam sealer, which you will want to use between the
fender and the body contact points too.

Ken Waringa wrote:
> I'm getting ready to put the front fenders back on my 74 MGB this weekend (I
> hope).  The beading on the fenders was in pretty bad shape so I've removed
> it.  The beading was spot welded onto the fenders.  Since I don't have a
> welder, I was wondering about using JB Weld to secure the bead to the
> fender.  Has anyone tried this?  It seems once the fenders are bolted to the
> body there will be sufficient pressure to hold the bead in place.  Also,
> will JB Weld bond to paint?  The area under the bead had a lot of surface
> rust, which I've cleaned up.  I'd like to give the edges a good coat of
> paint before putting the bead back on.
Stuart MacMillan

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