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Re: MG Odyssey

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Subject: Re: MG Odyssey
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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 17:03:17 -0400
> I Would like to meet up with any fellow listers that will be attending the
> Minn.  convention. We will be arriving late Monday and staying with the
> club at the Ramada Inn (soon to be Radisson).

My wife Tracey and I will be there, staying at the same Ramada.  We are
taking the Sunday night ferry across Lk Mich and will arrive sometime
Look forward to meeting you.

> Our spare parts vehicle won't be making this trip so needless to say the
> trunk and luggage rack will be filled to the  brim with stuff from A to
> Z.(just in case one of the other cars breaks down,you know). Its times

I don't carry anything in the A except spares, tools and one nights worth of
clothing.  You see, I ship a box to the hotel ahead of time.  Did same thing
on trip to Morgantown last year and it worked out great.  Only cost me $19
to ship UPS.  Of course the 'return' box was heavier and it cost $38, but
the hotel picked up that tab for me!

See ya in Minnesota!

Safety Fast!
Gordie Bird
62 MGA
80 MGB
86 Audi 4kq

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