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Tyre thanks

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Subject: Tyre thanks
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 23:40:47 +0100
Hello Folks,
Just a note of thanks for the advice on tyres for my '72 GT. I finally went
with the majority and opted for 185/70x14 Dunlop SP10s to replace the 185/60
Result? Different car! Over potholes and speed bumps, the fillings now stay
in my teeth; before, I could run over a postage stamp and tell not only
whether it was sticky side up but also its face value. I can manoeuvre the
car easily (pressures at 25psiF/28psiR) and the grip is still quite enough
for fast road use. Better yet, there is no rubbing of the tyre on the right
rear arch lip, which I'd trimmed to allow the Conti to clear.
BTW, I also had the alloys powder coated and fitted stainless steel
wheelnuts. The car looks almost to cute for its own good now. Now to fit the
newly (crinkle) coated dash.
Thanks again,
Dave Hill

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