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how to get off list for a while

Subject: how to get off list for a while
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 22:30:37 EDT
I been traveling and don't check this mailbox regularly.  

Can someone or several of you tell me how I can get off the list.  Please 
send very specific directions.  Past efforts to get off list have failed.

I go out of town for several days or weeks at a time and the mailbox is 
overloaded with messages from the list when I get back.

I enjoy the list, have learned much and you guys have been a blast.  I shall 
stay in touch. 

71 MGB/GT semi regular driver
it is blue and original
( watch for it on the highways of North and South Carolina) 

/// mailing list
///  (If they are dupes, this trailer may also catch them.)

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