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Re: Replacement Seat Belt Help

To: Tyson Sherman <>,
Subject: Re: Replacement Seat Belt Help
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 09:13:44 -0700
I've had a set of these on my '65 since 1986, and I just installed a set
in my daughter's GT.  Occasionally the belt will balk when pulling it
out, but this is usually due to the vehicle being parked on an incline
or pulling too fast.  

If you pull the belt to the end very hard you could jam the mechanism. 
Try removing the reel and see if you can work it loose.  If you have the
arrows on both knobs (there are two knobs, you used the singular in your
post so be sure to check both) properly set and it still doesn't work,
get a replacement from VB.  Mine have worked well for 15 years, and they
will go in all our MGBs as they hit the road.  They are the only
retractable three point belts I've found that are designed for universal
application.  Got to give those Brits credit!

Tyson Sherman wrote:
> Has anyone here ever fought with the replacement
> inertia reel seatbelts from Victoria British et.
> al.?  I'm referring to the kind with the
> adjustable knob that has to be turned to make the
> retracing mechanism to work.  I have a set on my
> 76 B and can't seem to get them to retract.  One
> is fully out and won't go back in, while the other
> will retract but won't exactly come out.  Any tips
> on getting these crazy things to work?
> Thanks.
Stuart MacMillan

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