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Re: question about SMOG

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Subject: Re: question about SMOG
From: "Dave Wood" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:17:56 -0700

I remember hearing that increasing the valve lash by a couple 1000/s would
help, but doubling seems like too much to me.  As for doubling the points
gap, 50 thou sounds way to much, how about 35 thou with a 40,000 volt coil?
I think I saw the increase recommended on Skye's BBS some time back, maybe
someone else will remember exactly what was suggested.

Dave 72 B  (No smog tests since 93 - what a relief).

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Subject: question about SMOG


WE had a suggestion this weekend at a car show in Hayward Ca about what to
do to make the MGB pass SMOG, it was to double the gap on the spark plugs,
and double the standard adjustment on the valves.  WE had did this on our
midget years ago and that worked, then we changed it back right after we got
home.  But it has a 1275 engine and dual SU's the MGB has a 1800 something
engine and the one Zenith stromberg carb so is this what  the rest of you
have done on your B's that have to be smogged?

Lisa Ann

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