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80 MGB brake master cylinder

To: "MG" <>
Subject: 80 MGB brake master cylinder
From: "Phillip Farmer" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 09:33:23 -0500
I recently rebuilt my brake master cylinder.  Only the main cylinder.
Didn't do anything to the pressure differential sensor, since no parts are
available for it.

I never was able to get the rear brakes to work.  No pressure to cylinders.
Lines are in good shape, not pinched , etc.  Air blows brake fluid through
the lines fine.

So, I took the master cylinder completely apart again.

Everything was OK except in the pressure differential switch / sensor.

See pictures below.

When I removed the pressure differential switch, the little plastic device
was loose in the cavity.  Both O rings where in place.  The illustration in
the manuals appears to show metal as part of the plunger where the little
plastic piece might go.  If you don't put the plastic piece in there is
really nothing to hold the end O ring in place.  If you put the plastic
piece where it appears to go an O ring as large as the other O ring, (big
enough to contact bore and seal it) will not fit in groove on end.  An O
ring small enough to fit in groove and hold the plastic piece on will not
contact bore and seal it.

Any ones thoughts on this?

What is I just leave it out?  (I know no warning if one section of master
cylinder leaks), but it hasn't been working anyway.  Also the earlier years
with dual master don't have the switch anyway.

Phil Farmer

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