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Been gone...

Subject: Been gone...
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 10:50:31 EDT
Hi Gang,
   I have been gone from the list for about a week.  To some, 
that will be a relief!  No more boring techno-posts or comments
about Formula One.  :-P   To others, people whom I have been 
working with to solve problems, I apologize for my absence.  
(+1 918-640-1492 still works. :-)  
   My work computer has contracted a nasty virus.  If I read mail, 
it tries to procreate its vile pestilence to you -- so I have not used 
it and have not read any mail there since the discovery.  Today, 
my machine is being totally stripped of code and the HDDs are
being reformatted.  It should be back running cleanly soon.  Until 
then, anyone who desires to talk with me, please contact me at 
home at

Best regards my friends,

Rick Lindsay

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