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Re: Wiring problems

Subject: Re: Wiring problems
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 11:24:52 EDT
In a message dated 6/16/01, writes:

> The ignition wire at a junction, just past the steering cowl was wrapped 
> with electrical tape and was hot and melting at the time this occurred.  I 
> suspect this as being one spot but also suspect there may be other areas as 

I had a similar problem with my 77 B.  "Smoke in the cockpit" as we in the 
Air Force say or, should I say, yell.  Luckily, I had the top down, smoke 
dissipated, and no fire resulted.  I do need to get a fire extinguisher 
installed in her soon.

Problem was the brown wire (lamp wire) from ignition overheated and shorted 
out (melted) other wires.  Infamous problem for these year B's.  Replaced 
ignition switch along with the switch's wiring harness and made sure all 
wires were ran correct, according to the Haynes Manual (something I fear the 
DPO failed to do).  I also replaced all 'bad' connections (twisted wires) 
with soldered, properly insulated connections.  Removed all the dangerous, 
loose, oil soaked (ensure your oil gauge tube is tight and not leaking - 
obviously very dangerous if leaking on hot wires) electrical tape and 
replaced with non-flammable, high quality tape.  Then I used strapping ties 
to bind the wires together, not too tightly as to let some air circulate; but 
securely and in appropriate amounts.

Others may recommend relays which I am considering also.

Side note - bought this car earlier this spring.  Last night was the first 
time I got to take the wife out for a ride in it, as the kids just went up to 
Grandma and Grandpa's, up in Nashville!  I'll tell ya what, it is very hard 
trying to remember when I've had so much fun.  I live in Fort Walton Beach, 
Florida (big tourist area on the Gulf of Mexico Coast side).  We drove 
through town - 20 - 30 mph; top down, ZZ Top blaring on the stereo, her 
blonde hair blowing in the wind....     damn.... what a blast!

Kids will be gone for THREE weeks!!.....


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