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78 B Woes

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Subject: 78 B Woes
From: "Greg Bass" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 07:52:01 -0400
Well the water pump in my B died Saturday evening. I was on my way to help a
client out with a network problem and while cruising merrily along at 60 or
so a terrible racket developed under the hood. A quick check of the gauges
told me the water temp just pegged!!! I quickly slipped into a department
store parking lot. And while waiting for my son to come pick me up I spent
the time removing the pump right there. Unfortunately AutoZone has to order
the part but the price is the same as an area Import Parts specialist. So I
went ahead and ordered it. I had planned on replacing it anyway but it put a
damper on my Fathers day drive I had planned. Oh well... I spent Sunday
afternoon watching the US Open after I played 18 holes myself.

Greg Bass

"What sets us against one another is
  not our aims--they all come to the same
  thing--but our methods, which are the
  fruits of our varied reasoning."
  Saint-Exupery; Sand and Stars (1939)

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