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oil filter help--Moss

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: oil filter help--Moss
From: "DenverD" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 15:38:39 +0200
my 65B has a circa 71 high compression engine..

but, when i look at the Moss catalog i get confused..

i certainly do NOT have the inverted cannister, spin on as shown 
for the 18V engine..

so, i then assumed maybe some previous owner bought a "short block" 
and bolted his old stuff on it..

but, both types illustrated for a '65 show the the filter bowl 
hanging down from the mounting..

mine absolutely is inverted, though the book says that is for the 
18GD & 18GG Engines '67-'69..

now the hard part: the three different non-spin on systems take 
three different filter cartridge elements..

which should i order--is there anyway to tell FOR SURE--should i 
order all three and try to return two (hey, is that Moss guy here?)

DenverD - A Texan in Denmark
65B # GHN3L/33680; engine 18V581-H193 

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