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Throttle Linkage for Rover V8

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Subject: Throttle Linkage for Rover V8
From: "Jim Ray" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 19:43:01 -0400
I am looking for suggestions on how best to connect an Edelbrock 1404
carburetor to my 1980 MGB throttle cable.  I have a stock Rover V8 with
factory 4 barrel intake manifold.  I am also using a T35 automatic
transmission that came with the engine.  Is it possible to use the factory
brackets and will they provide connection to the kick down cable for the
transmission?  If this arrangement will work, are these parts available?

If factory brackets are not available are there aftermarket sources for
brackets that will accommodate my needs?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jim Ray

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