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Re: Windshield replacement...

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Subject: Re: Windshield replacement...
From: "Mike Janacek" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:21:42 -0400
Maybe they get glass at a discount or cut and bend it in house, but first I
would ask if they have replaced glass on an MG before. If not just wait
until they try to fit it! On second thought, it maybe better if you have
young children with you not to be around.


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Subject: Windshield replacement...

> In the long list of "things to be fixed" is the windshield.
> I had some stones take chips out of my windshield and a local glass place
> said they could replace it for $116... how can they do this when the glass
> costs $149?
> Are they getting that good a deal on the glass?
> Chris
> '70 MGB Roadster

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