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Re: false use of OBie on Ebay

Subject: Re: false use of OBie on Ebay
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 17:41:36 EDT
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I remember, way at the bottom he had placed a small disclaimer of sorts 
saying something like " this is what all of the pieces above can look like." 
Yeah after $10,000 in P&L+ the price of the basket (Box) case he was trying 
to unload! Good for you! We really need to rid ourselves of the vultures and 
scam artists that prowl the ethereal Internet. Just because its old, used and 
British doesn't mean it is a classic car (like the Orange MGB-GT) in the 
Photo. Expose these jerks! We must for the good of our hobby/sport/lifestyle. 
I saw the original ad then a couple of days later I noticed that the 
beautiful GT was gone! Sir, I commend you!
                  Albert Escalante

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