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wiring question

Subject: wiring question
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 10:59:47 EDT
Hello out there in "get to drive 'em" world.  This is Becky in "still in the 
garage in lots of pieces" world.  

Some of you might remember I queried the list about some gearbox noise 
several months ago.  Since then I have pulled the engine and gearbox and 
replaced the clutch ( with help from my non-mechanical SO of course). As you 
know, one thing always leads to another, have replaced seals and gaskets, 
etc. painted the engine and am cleaning up the engine bay and repainting that 
too.  While sanding with  a drill in the engine bay, the stripper on the 
drill came  in contact with a wire group that is covered with a "fabric 
(insulation?)".  It shredded the fabric (oops!) and now I am wondering if I 
can wrap those particular wires with electrical tape or if I need to do 
something different?  Does this make sense to anyone?  BTW, the wires 
themselves do not seem to be damaged. 

69B RD

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