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Electric MGB

Subject: Electric MGB
From: Eric <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 01:03:47 +0930
Yes, I am procrastinating over work that HAS to be done tonight!

I am amazed that this link hasn't made it to the list sometime... or did
I miss it?

Really... Walter's Electric MGB!!

Someone may want to drop him a line about the backhanded/mixed
compliment he give his 'B:

"The MGB is a great conversion candidate, aside from the fact that it's
too old, too small, and has lousy aerodynamics. It's also simple, fun to
drive, and sexy (I'm not, so my car has to be.) This particular specimen
does not run, but I've seen pictures of  them in action and boy can they
go fast!"

Fast?  Weren't we just discussing this?

Adelaide, South Australia

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