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Advice on O/D oil seal

Subject: Advice on O/D oil seal
From: (Robert Dusel)
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 21:59:44 +0000
While tightening an exhaust bracket on my 1975 B with 
O/D I noticed the bottom of the car covered in clean 
oil. It seams to be coming from the tail of my 3-year 
old rebuilt O/D. I tightened the O/D sump and coil 
screws and ordered an output flange oil seal (since 
tightening bolts on this car rarely fixes it's problems, 
I am not that lucky...). 
Any tricks to the output flange (like the "don't go over 
140 Ft/lbs for the rear axle flange nut" warning) that I 
should be wary of when I go to change this seal? Can the 
seal be offset by a MM or so to avoid a ridge on the 
flange (if it exists?).
Thanks in advance for any sage wisdom here.....
Rob Dusel 1975 B

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