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MG 2001 preparation

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Subject: MG 2001 preparation
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 00:21:14 -0700
Well it's been an interesting week to say the least.  I was preping the
car to be towed by tow bar to the auto electricians last night and I ran
into the same old same old... nothing is easy with this car.  I took the
bumper off (78B) to put the tow bracket on.  Two of the studs came out
of the bumper and the nuts were frozen.  So I soaked them in Aero Kroil
and went to bed.  This morning I was able to loosen and take off one of
the nuts but the other wouldn't even budge after heating.   Ok fine move
on.  I went to put the bracket on for the tow bar that was hand made by
a friend for his 76B and the holes didn't match up enough to slide over
the three studs that were back in the bumper.  Ok fine..... I started
widening the holes...This took hours cause the bracket is made of
stainless.  Finally at 12:15 noon (I was to be there @ 8 a.m. oops!) I'm
on the road with new F150 Ford pickup(death trap according to Ins.
Institute, that's another story) and 78B in tow to the Auto
Electrician.  That 15 mile trip was uneventful thank goodness.  The list
has grown since yesterday because the ignition and head light harnesses
didn't arrive.  Along with connecting the power for fan thermostat and
overdrive, they are checking a problem in the head lights and seeing
what he can do with the ignition and head light harness.  I was hoping
on just them going throught the car not doing all this work but time is
running out.  Oh well we'll see what this bill will be :-).  Hopefully
it will be done tomorrow so I can get it inspected.  A friend that was
planning on going failed his inspection on emissions.  He forgot he had
applied for Classic tags and didn't take his registration.  In PA if you
have Classic tags they don't test for emissions.  Hopefully he'll get
that straightened out.  Another update tomorrow if anyone cares to be

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