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Re: Engine rebuilds.

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Subject: Re: Engine rebuilds.
From: "Dave Munroe" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 15:19:35 -0300
No problem.  I have a "stale" website that chronicles the installation of
the kit at:

I put the kit on a clapped-out motor. I had bought most of the parts for the
rebuild, and then thought, do I really want to install this thing on a brand
new motor and then try to tune it? Nope.

It was a good thing too, as I had little practical experience with this
technology. I made a bunch of mistakes, blew gaskets, got  it overheated a
few times, went through some detonation problems, etc. By last fall, I had
it pretty well sorted out.

I went nuts on the motor last winter and finally got it started last Friday.
So far so good. I had some crazy problems with my spin-on oil filter adapter
leaking (never did that before, of course) and finally got that solved. I
then discovered the O/D is acting up, and the W/S wipers decided to quit for
good measure. As a result, I have only about 60 miles on the new motor and a
sore neck from crawling around under the car looking at the O/D solenoid

So it has yet to sing on boost. But it is quiet, smooth, and feels real

When I get through the trial and tribulations of the current MGB maladies, I
will update my website and notify the list.

As to your specific questions, the car handles great! It has a solid, but
stock suspension, and has no difficulty with the power.

Is it worth the money? Well, if you love and appreciate first class
engineering and race-quality manufacturing, (Its a work of art), and enjoy
looking at the faces of enthusiasts getting their first look under the hood,
the ability to comfortably pass the gent in the Olds travelling at 35mph on
a two laner on a beautiful sunny afternoon without anxiety; and if you like
the idea of your significant other being able to drive your 160 hp MGB
without knowing there is a tiger under the hood, the answer is yes.

The kit cost me $5800 Australian Dollars, which is about $3,100 U.S. If you
have a sound motor, you really don't have to do anything to it. You should
buy a Boost Meter, and a 2" big bore exhaust system would really help.

I will send you a photo separately.

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> So Dave,
> Inquiring minds want to well does your B handle with the
> Supercharger Kit?  Is it worth the money?
> Willing to share the investment costs?
> Thanks
> Scott
> 76B

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