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Re: Speedometer: Replace/Recalibrate?

To: "Plant, Keith Contractor (NSAGAETA 60)" <>
Subject: Re: Speedometer: Replace/Recalibrate?
From: Martin <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 14:58:52 -0500
OK, I assume you have ruled out the obvious,
yours is in MPH and his is in KmPH?
30 MPH is approx 48 KmPH.

"Plant, Keith Contractor (NSAGAETA 60)" wrote:

> You may remember my question about RPM's and how things didn't seem right.
> Well, I paced myself with a fellow American here in Italy.  When my speedo
> read approximately 30 miles per hour, he was reading 42. When my speedometer
> was reading approximately 10 miles per hour, his was reading 18.  I have a
> Smith's speedometer.  Is this in need of calibration (if so, how would one
> go about doing this?) or is this just a flat out replacement?  My tires are
> 165 R14, so I don't believe it's the tires.
> Thanks in advance.
> Keith Plant
> '69B

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