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Re: Replacement tranny upgrade

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Subject: Re: Replacement tranny upgrade
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 10:42:18 -0700
At 4:32 PM -0600 6/27/01, Dave Wood wrote:
>Check out this site for 5 speed conversions.  Waterloo drivelines:
>They will sell you what you need.  I believe they use a Ford T-5
>transmission with their own adapter.

I don't think Waterloo makes these-- it looks like a product from a 
British company called Hi Gear.  Pierce Manifold, Gilroy, CA, sells 
the same unit.  See:
I just bought one for my '64 B from Pierce.  Waterloo had a 
promotional price on this item at one time, but I believe Pierce is 
now less expensive.  I went there because Pierce is just down the 
road-- a really nice drive over Hecker Pass to Gilroy-- and because 
picking it up was  much cheaper than having it shipped.  No offence 
to Waterloo--Sonoma County is a great drive, too, just farther.

As a side note, the new crossmember supplied is really beefy and 
heavy.  Mike Pierce mentioned trying to get Hi Gear to make an 
aluminum version, either here or in GB, eliminating about 20 pounds 
and a lot of the shipping cost from overseas.  I hear that aluminum 
work is more expensive in Britain, but perhaps that's because of the 
added syllable

Chris Attias
Aptos, CA
'64 MGB

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