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Leaking petrol tank

Subject: Leaking petrol tank
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 07:40:20 +0930
Tell me, does a pinhole sized leak in the fuel tank necessarily mean
that it is rusting out and will eventually go completely? I assume that
I have a 'standard' or 'normal' MGB fuel tank so hopefully this
description will mean something to most people.

The hole is in a recessed area in a direct line to the rear of the tank
from the drain plug.  I coulkdn't see any real evidence of it being hit
by a rock or whatever.

This 'pinhole' leak showed itself as a damp spot on the underside of the
tank at first.  When I decided that I needed to see to it, I drained
most of the tank (by driving the car and not refilling it, mostly) and
then scrubbed at the area with a soft wire brush to clean away road
gunk.  I must have dislodged a plug of gunk because my efforts were met
immediately with a pinhole stream of fuel.  Further scrubbing didn't
make the situation worse.

After draining the tank until no further fuel was coming out of the hole
and I could scrub and clean the area dry, I used the only stuff
available at the time to cover the hole.  This is Loctite E-Pox-E Ribbon
Putty - and now days later it seems to have done the job.  It is well
stuck and rock hard - not a sign of a leak.

But... as I started out, how temporary is this fix going to be?  The
hole was tiny but I covered it to an area of about 3 inches in diameter
(to be sure :-).

'68 MGB MkII
Adelaide, South Australia

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