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Which 5 speed?

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Subject: Which 5 speed?
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 19:23:42 -0600
OK so while the OD vs. 5 speed debate rages on I'm thinkin' this is the
perfect time to ask about 5 speed variations.  Please don't tell me it's
a bad decision.  I can read all the reasons not to do this on the other

So here goes.

I hear about the Datsun and or the Nissan.  Are these the same
transmission?  Which years are the preferred years?  I think this
transmission has the built in bell housing like the MG.  I'm guessing
installation only requires a special engine back plate, pilot bearing
mods, and appropriate clutch mods?  Charley R tells me the 79 Datsun has
the same transmission as the 280Z.  And George Re (I don't know George
but I remember his post to this list) is looking for a 1976-83 Datsun
transmission (must be a clue here).  In the past Lawrie A. has indicated
he has installed Datsun kits in MGBs with great success.  Of course
there is a lot of similarities between the Datsun products and the MG, I
think the Fairlady, the 1600 and the 2000 had parts that were built
under license from BMC.  I have to guess that the design followed
through to the pickups and the Z cars.

The Toyota (Supra I believe), what's the skinny on this tranny?  I don't
know anything about it, except that transmission is used in many
different custom applications.  It must be very strong too, because I
believe there are kits for it to be used behind the big Jaguar V12 and
straight 6.

Of course you hear about the Ford (European) transmission.  I believe
that is from the Sierra and perhaps the Merkur.   This is the
"notorious" one.   It requires the custom bell housing.  As I understand
it this transmission may have been used in some competition cars and as
a result has a wide variety of gears available for it.  I also think it
is the most expensive option.

Any comments?  Advice?

Remember, I don't need the, "the OD is just as good comments".  But I
suppose we could talk about the potential for transmission damage if the
car is towed with the drive shaft in place.  : - )

Larry Hoy

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