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Re: surplus black tags

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Subject: Re: surplus black tags
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 11:10:47 -0700
Since the "license plate reform" bill (which Rick was writing about) was
vetoed, old CA black plates are only valuable if attached to a CA car that
has been under continuous registration in CA, or to license plate
collectors. Once the car has left the state, the CA plates cannot be used on
any other car, or even on the same car if you reimport it -- they would be
confiscated by the DMV and new ones issued.

So, no, you are not sitting on a gold mine... sorry.

on 9/4/01 5:26 AM, Martin at wrote:

> Richard,
> Richard Feibusch kind of hinted they were. I was hoping someone
> on the list would shed some light on the subject.
> Martin
> is that the light at the end of the tunnel
> or an oncoming freight train?
> richard wrote:
>> black tags???i have a set on a 1961 m-benz 190sl, i have to
>> restore...the car is in texas, are black tags desireable???
>> richard, in the dark
>> 67 b-gt
>> 70 b
>> Martin wrote:
>>> California listeners,
>>> I have a set of surplus black and yellow California tags.
>>> They came on a car I exported from California in 1990.
>>> Can they be re-registered to a pre-63 car?  To
>>> me they are just surplus NOS parts. I have
>>> someone in California who wants to use them.
>>> However, he doesn't know if it is possible to register them.
>>> Also what does the 63 in the upper right corner signify?
>>> And lastly, what is the market value for these tags?
>>> You can see them at
>>> Thanks.
>>> Martin


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