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is this m/c swap possible?

Subject: is this m/c swap possible?
From: "Evangelos G. Makris" <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 14:15:36 +0300
My 73 LHD Euro-spec MGBGT has the old single-line brake master cylinder
with the rectangular opaque metallic fluid container. This master
cylinder is about to give up the ghost.

Leafing through the American MGB Parts List by Moss Motors, USA, I came
upon a "dual-line non-servo" master cylinder, part # 180-765 that looks
like it can be put in place of the old single line m/c, because it, too,
has a vertical mounting flange.

This m/c sports a large cylindrical inclined translucent plastic fluid
container and is nowhere mentioned in the European MGB Parts List by
Moss UK, even though 74-on LHD cars destined for some European countries
had it!

Is the mounting hole distance and rubber boot diameter the same as the
old one?
Shall I have to get the # 181-695 push rod for this new m/c or use the
one from the old? A new brake pedal perhaps? I can DIY all the extra
plumbing easily.

73 BGT

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