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Re: Stowe Dates

To: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>,
Subject: Re: Stowe Dates
From: Carl W French <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 10:11:30 -0400
At 08:52 AM 9/5/01 -0400, Brinkman, Gerardo V wrote:
>Does anyone have dates for the Brit Car Show in Stowe VT ?
>It's usually around this time of year

September 13-16

I am very down that I cannot go this year due to my son's 18th on the 
Saturday (good reason though).

For all those going there please take a second look at my brother's 67 BGT. 
It has just finished a 1.5 year mostly done restoration and he is VERY 
proud of it. It still needs some buffing up on the interior but it will be 
competitive. If your on the fence in that class do me a personal favor and 
consider his car.
It is a non-original, dark blue with painted wire wheels.
Carl French
1983 Son
1985 Daughter
19** Wife :-)

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